Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


Gregoire Heugel


COO - Europe


Grégoire has been in the Location Based Services business for over 22 years. He has experienced the birth, boom, evolution and now revolution of this industry. He began his career at WEBRASKA (the first company to display a map on a mobile phone) in the early 2000’s and held several Marketing and Business Development positions within fast growing Tech companies such as GARMIN where he led the Telecom business operations for Europe. He then joined MICHELIN to lead the Food and Travel B2B sales activities including MICHELIN Traffic Information and content services serving many OEMs. After contributing to Michelin several acquisitions in the Foodtech and Telematics fields, Grégoire is now managing Michelin Mobility Intelligence European Business, the Group entity helping road authorities to make roads Better and Safer by leveraging Data capabilities.