Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


Sarah-Marie Rust


CEO & Founder


Sarah-Marie Rust is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of EVE. Originally from Germany, she got her first introduction to the European startup ecosystem while living in Prague, Czech Republic, and currently resides in Dublin, Ireland. On a mission to facilitate sustainability and a greener future, she has focused her work on providing organizations with the necessary tools and data to accelerate the transition to low-emission mobility. Sarah holds a master's degree in Entrepreneurship from Trinity College Dublin and a Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Energy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She focussed her university research thesis on exploring and mapping out the charging infrastructure market potential in connection to the rollout of e-mobility efforts and how to capitalize on innovative business models that tap into this market value as well as how to achieve wide-scale decarbonization of global energy systems.