Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


László Sándor Kerényi

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport

Mobility Planning Advisor


I am a Hungarian urban mobility expert, M.Sc. Civil Engineer, pre-degree MBA, qualified technical supervisor of roads and bridges, road safety auditor, civil administration executive. Since 2008 I am involved in the mobility management of Budapest at BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, dealing with strategic planning, sustainable urban mobility planning, operating a strategic knowledge centre, managing local and international cooperation and networking. I was also involved in the preparatory works of "the BKK Concept", the background of the reorganization of the institutional framework of Budapest transport. Formerly, I gained experience in participatory planning, conceptual design, transport modelling, international research and development, preparation, implementation and supervision of urban and national road, bridge and rail infrastructure projects, operation of public transport systems, roads and bridges. With over 160 conference presentations and 20 publications, I am also active in education and scientific life.