Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023




Director Corporate & Business Development


I am Director of Corporate & Business Development at UP&CHARGE, a deeptech company that develops a hands-free automatic recharging system for all electric vehicles (cars, trucks, autonomous cars, drone cabs). Imagine charging your vehicle without using cables? You park, get out of your vehicle: it recharges instantly. The UP&CHARGE solution fits all electric vehicles, can be deployed everywhere, allows a more efficient recharging than with a cable and reduces the energy bill by 6 to 28% per vehicle and per year. It is also a solution to energy storage since it allows energy to be stored in the vehicle's battery and re-injected into the gpower rid during peak hours. In April, we will hold the first charging demonstration on a car. We are looking for 2.5M€ to undertake the pilots, evolve from 7kw to 50kw and strengthen our R&D team.