Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


Gemma Schepers

City of Amsterdam

Smart Mobility Projectlead


I work for the Innovation Office (CTO) of the City of Amsterdam. Working in an innovative and vibrant team provides me with the energy to strive for a future-proof, green and resilient Amsterdam. In the CTO, we work with short-term experiments in living labs cooperatively with citizens and market parties. Currently, I commit myself to the digital transition in the field of Smart Mobility with a strong focus on cyber security and secure data exchange between all stakeholders in the Smart Mobility eco-system. Mobility data is an essential building block to arrive at a livable future city. Mobility generates freedom and does not stop at borders. To create a European, connected, and green mobility network, we must connect the local networks and move together towards a new way of multi-modal travel. In this process, mobility data is vital. Mobility data, however, also entails risks, especially if we start linking datasets on a European scale. That is why I am committed to ensuring privacy and security in this transition so that everyone will soon be able to travel safely, greener, and more comfortably throughout Europe.