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Yiannis Toskas

Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority (TheTA)



Yiannis Toskas is a Senior Transportation Planner, received his Civil Engineering diploma from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1985). Following this, he received two Masters Degrees: in Urban Planning (MUP) and Transportation Engineering (MS) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (USA). After his graduation and return to Greece (1988), he firstly became a transportation consultant. In 1991 he accepted a public sector position in the Master Plan Organization of Thessaloniki where he successfully served for more than 23 years. He was appointed as Chairman of the Public Transport Authority of Thessaloniki (SASTh, 2004-2010) and also worked for the metro subway construction company ATTIKO METRO SA (2013-2014). His long career and involvement in various large-scale planning and transportation projects in the Hellenic public sector was enhanced by a challenging position as the CEO of the Public Transport Authority of Thessaloniki (OSETH, TheTA, 2019). The organization is in charge of planning and supervising activities for all PT modes and projects in Greater Thessaloniki Area.