Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


Tamlyn Shimizu

BABLE Smart Cities

Global Partnerships & Communications Lead


I am a communications specialist who connects people and places with ideas and partners to push projects in urban and regional innovation forward. As the Partnerships & Communications Lead at BABLE Smart Cities, I am responsible for driving strategic partnerships and fostering relationships with key stakeholders to promote sustainable and innovative urban solutions. With a passion for smart cities and a strong track record in business development, I work closely with our team to identify opportunities and build partnerships that advance BABLE's mission, as well as the mission of our partners. My expertise in communications enables me to effectively communicate BABLE's vision and impact to a diverse range of audiences, including city leaders, industry experts, network partners, and the media. From crafting compelling messaging and storytelling to managing social media and marketing campaigns, I leverage a range of tools and channels to elevate BABLE's brand and thought leadership in the smart cities space. In addition, I work with our partners to create compelling stories and to further connect the public and private sectors through communications. At Autonomy, I will be a media partner with our podcast as well as running an interactive panel discussion and workshop. The BABLE platform is an open and free hub of information and resources: