Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


Piotr Kryszewski

City of Gdansk

Deputy Mayor for Mobility


Piotr Kryszewski Earned his master's degree in finance and accounting at the University of Gdańsk. As part of professional development, he completed postgraduate studies at the University of Gdańsk in the field of real estate management. Continuing to expand his knowledge, he obtained the Real Estate Manager's License granted by the Minister of Infrastructure and his Accountant's Certificate No. 28563/2008 granted by the Minister of Finance. Additionally, he completed postgraduate studies in the field of Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA). In the years 2002-2014, at the Housing Management Company in Kartuzy, Piotr Kryszewski worked as the Chief Accountant and management representative for the Quality Management System. 2014-2017 - Court Director at the District Court in Kartuzy. In 2017 he accepted a job at the Municipal Office in Gdańsk as the deputy director of the Municipal Economy Department, responsible for the housing policy of the City of Gdańsk. In 2019 he became the director of the Department, thus supervising the activities of the city in the areas of housing policy, and water and sewage management. From 2022, he is a vice-president of Gdańsk for municipal services, responsible for strategic activities in the field of the City's housing policy, mobility and transport, City and the State property management, and services in the field of municipal infrastructure. Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Gdańskie Wodociągi (Gdańsk Waterworks).