Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


Joaquin Di Mario




Yes, I had many failures in the past, but a lot of learning also. I am CEO & Cofounder of Ualabee, an AI and BigData mobility platform for city commuters which integrates schedules and routes of urban transportation, micromobility and ride-hailing operators, offering solutions for both B2B and B2C Markets and promoting a sustainable development of cities I led teams both in the private sector and in autonomous projects, with management and leadership skills that enabled me to achieve the objectives I set. I consider myself a team work person, extremely persevering and who has been able to acquire a solid vision of the entrepreneurial world of which I feel part. I always maintain my enthusiasm to work and learning new technologies, processes and businesses, defining clear objectives to everything I do. Graduated with the best average from the Founder Institute. Declared Outstanding Young Person by the Deliberative Council of my city. Co-Founder of ASETEC, Association of Technological Entrepreneurs of Córdoba