Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023

TicketO Mobility by Digital Puzzles OU

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B2B Enviromental Shared Mobility Wallet, which can be used for all public transport and sharing mobility that can track carbon footprint, was developed for companies to better manage their transportation budgets offered to their employees for tax refunds and special incentives. In addition, we make the necessary filing of the invoices of the end users for the tax return together with the reporting on CO2 emission reduction. With TicketO Wallet, We increase the use of sustainable mobility in the city. Thus, we ensure that traffic-related pollution and CO2 emissions are reduced referral by Green House Gas Protocol. We report this with our wallet carbon footprint tracking system. And we manage the carbon tax refund for the users ourselves. By presenting a carbon offset document, we ensure that government incentives are received for companies. In addition to enabling people to earn money & rewards using sustainable mobility, we are also getting their taxes back. Thus, we encourage people to use green mobility. Our vision is to pioneer the creation of cities of the future by facilitating the transportation and lives of people wherever there are green and sustainable cities.