Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


Title of the application?

Voltaage, the software to empower electrification across vehicle fleets.

Summary of the application ?

Buying a car it has become a nightmare. Should you already go electric? Where to charge? Is autonomy enough? Maybe it is better to stick with diesel for few more years? At Voltaage we solve this problem but for companies, that do not have 1 car, but 10, 20, 100 cars. We make electric vehicles the easiest and most convenient mobility solution for companies. Our software collects vehicles and companies data and then use it to create a step by step transition plan that includes charging infrastructure planning and that gives access with 1 subscription to tailored EV management apps. Companies can finally manage their energy transition, CO2 reporting and daily EV needs in only 1 software, Voltaage.