Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


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Mob-Energy's mission is to make recharging electric vehicles as easy and convenient as parking. Based in Villeurbanne and employing 28 people, Mob-Energy designs, manufactures, deploys and maintains innovative charging solutions, based on the use of second life batteries and robotization techniques, such as : - The Charles charging robot, the company's flagship product, is a true super-recharging solution: capable of storing energy in large reconditioned battery packs, Charles moves to cars parked in the parking lot to recharge them. - The Evy power cube, the new Mob-Energy solution that allows to electrify up to 20 places with a single cable connection to the grid. Evy works with second life batteries that allow to buffer between the electrical network and the vehicles to be recharged, thus granting higher powers. Mob-Energy was created at the end of 2018, has raised over 4M, is working with more than a dozen key account customers and has already deployed its robots in Paris and Lyon.