Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


Christiaan van Nispen




Christiaan van Nispen has been the driving force behind several sustainable energy businesses as an entrepreneur and even within larger corporations. Currently he is the CEO of TILER – he founded TILER with the believe that a sustainable growth of light electric vehicles needs an impeccable and universal charging infrastructure, less cars, more e-bikes, and a healthier society. Since he was a child, Christiaan is always thinking about the future of our planet and passionate about using technology to solve real world problems. It was after his banking career in New York around 2009 that he focussed on sustainable energy related ventures. He founded TreFoil energy (currently Hello Energy) with the mission to reduce energy usage for larger buildings with financing cleantech solutions via a reduced energy bill. He later worked as an innovation lead for a large German utility company, resulting in launching 3 business. In 2016 he set-up an electric vehicle charging infrastructure company for the same company in California. This is where the idea of TILER came to light in combination with a patented ultra-efficient and flexible inductive charging method of the TU Delft. With his dry humor, extensive business development and entrepreneurial experience he is always eager for a challenge. When he's not working, Chris enjoys planning tennis, running, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.