Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023

Michelin DDi- Driving Data to Intelligence

Title of the application?

Leveraging data insights for Safer Roads

Summary of the application ?

Paving the way toward vision zero with MICHELIN DDi insights Our why: Mobility is evolving at an unprecedented rate toward being more multi-modal, more pedestrians and more cyclists all around. For road managers, it brings a new challenge: how to maximize the safety of all road users ? What if technology and innovation could be the best answer to help protect them and save lives? This is what we believe in at MICHELIN DDI. With our unique data assets, we analyze driving behavior data toward one mission: helping to make mobility safer for everyone. We empower road safety officials to implement preventive road safety plans, and act before crashes occur. Our what: Combining expertise in data analysis and driving behavior, MICHELIN DDi creates services to detect, locate and assess atypical driving behaviors indicative of potential near miss incidents and therefore risky areas within there road network. The innovation: Leveraging millions of connected vehicules in the US and France, our data science team developed proprietary algorithms using both machine learning and statistical approach to develop several suites of insights: - The near miss service suite offers three level of service to identify risky areas within any road perimeter. - Given the rise in the number of crashes involving all types of road users and the development of the use of multi-modal transportation, road strategies are evolving to better support the safety of those Vulnerable Road Users (Pedestrians, Cyclists etc...). The VRU service suite focuses on identifying risky areas for vulnerable road users. - More than 50 percent of the combined total of fatal and injury crashes occur at or near intersections. Those central junctions, where many types of road users meet, are therefore priority areas to be analyzed to adjust and improve road planning and design for safer roads. The intersection suite (Including Stops, Traffic lights, Give ways etc…) focuses specifically on those areas and identifying where and when the risk is present at intersection.