Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023

Movacar (Target Mobility GmbH)

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With our innovative vehicle logistics solution, we leverage crowdsourcing for vehicle logistics by marketing vehicle transfers as one-way rentals for € 1 on our marketplace Thanks to our win-win concept, fleet operators save up to 50% on logistics costs and our users receive exceptionally affordable travel options from city to city. More than 20M vehicles in Europe are transferred annually by professional carriers for car rental companies, auto manufacturers, dealerships, leasing companies and other fleet operators, comprising a Total Addressable B2B Market of more than €2B. Our target B2C users consider multimodal options such as bus, train and rideshare for their travel needs. These options account for more than 900M long-distance trips annually in Europe. With multiple rental companies under contract, dynamic revenue growth and 3,000+ bookings since the launch of the online marketplace, Movacar has achieved considerable traction and projects significant growth potential for 2022 and beyond. We’re especially proud of our most recent milestone, hitting 100K in monthly revenue.