Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023

Artificient Mobility Intelligence

Please give us a brief summary telling us about your company and your application

As briefly mentioned, Artificient is a deep-tech start-up originated from ika at RWTH Aachen, Europe's leading institute in automotive engineering. We are leveraging our disruptive computer vision technology to develop Europe’s 1st AI-powered smart driving app to transform the auto insurance industry towards next-generation smarter, greener, and safer mobility. Unlike most cash-burning mobility startups, our business model targeting the usage-based insurance industry enables us to start earning revenues and making profits as soon as our app launches. We are targeting the global vehicle telematics market ($40.2 Bn) starting in 2023. In the first two years, we expect to have an average ARR of at least €1.7 million based on our B2B data subscription model initially targeting auto insurance and car-rental/sharing companies. As an international & female-empowered team, we have over 20 years of combined experience in the industry. Artificient’s proprietary IPs are the result of our 3 years of academic research. We have been funded by EXIST, a German government startup grant since Day 1 and we are also incubated by RWTH’s Incubation Program, along with some of the most promising deep-tech startups in Europe. Up till today, we already have an MVP and have developed 4 industrial partners and currently talking to clients in the UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Germany as our app is preparing to launch.