Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023

The Call for Speakers is now closed 


AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO has a long tradition of organizing conferences, round tables, fireside chats and panel discussions including our tailored Industry Talks and the acclaimed CITY VOICES - Get Our Cities Moving conferences. 

Over the last several years, we’ve been increasingly focusing on the topic From Motorist to Mobilist

The AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO Call for Speakers is looking for the most insightful contributions and innovative initiatives within the framework of sustainable, equitable, inclusive, safe, healthy and collaborative mobility. 

We are specifically looking for participants to submit proposals for the event AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO 2023 held on March 22nd and 23rd at Paris Porte de Versailles – Hall 6


The Autonomy Team invites representatives from cities, governments, businesses, entrepreneurs, the startup ecosystem, social innovators, research centers, think tanks, universities, public agencies, non-governmental organizations and social activists, carrying out innovative ideas, visions and solutions for improving sustainable mobility in our cities.












  • Raise your voice: showcase your innovations and share your entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Boost your professional reputation within the world’s largest network of mobility entrepreneurs, innovators, and partners in the field of urban sustainable mobility.
  • Stand-out in the job market and increase your visibility and your company’s visibility.
  • Inspire the whole mobility ecosystem with 8,000 participants over 2 days.

7 categories

1. Smart Mobility Cities
Re-engineering cities for the shift from motorist to mobilist; includes the expansion of mass transit and the infrastructures for connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles. 
2. Mass Transit
The backbone of Smart Cities Mobility; complements active and shared mobility and is the best solution for moving large numbers of people quickly. 
3. Active Mobility
Shares the streets with multiple modes of mobility; includes walking, cycling, micromobility, and other human-powered vehicles.  
4. EV Fleets
Corporate fleets are going green with companies switching from ICE to EV; fleet managers need to understand assisting EV purchases, charging infrastructure, and optimizing driving through route planning and telematics. 
5. Shared Mobility 
Comprised of car, bike, and scooter sharing; encompasses the hardware, software, and services used by shared mobility operators. 
6. Urban logistics
How to complete the “last mile” while saving time and costs; includes cargo bikes, delivery robots, LEVs, and other hardware, as well as the software that manages fleets, parcels, and pickups. 
7. Autonomous Vehicles
Needs to be integrated with mass transit and shared services; constitutes driverless trains, trams, buses, shuttles, and, cars as well as the hardware and software that enable autonomous mobility.