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Your Guide to the French Mobility Orientation Law - Autonomy

Published on March 15, 2023

Update 24/06/2020
The Urban Mobility Company in partnershhp with Choose Paris Region held a Virtual Workshop on the French Mobility Orientation Law on 24 June. Watch the recording and read our key takeaways!

At the end of 2019, the French government approved a set of sweeping reforms known as the French Mobility Orientation Law (or the LOM in French) that are set to radically transform the county’s mobility sector.

The LOM not only seeks to reduce CO2 emissions by decreasing car ownership, encouraging “greener” forms of mobility such as cycling and empowering cities through the creation of new, local authorising bodies but also to facilitate the operation of new mobility businesses in France.

The Autonomy and UMCo teams have poured over the 189 different articles and have identified, translated and explained the 10 most interesting ones for new mobility companies looking to enter or expand their operations in France.

Click below to download our free guide (available in English and in French) to the French Mobility Orientation Law and understand where some of the biggest, new business opportunities can be found in the French mobility market. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE NOW!